Anna Salenko

Anna Salenko (b. 1990, Vladivostok, based in Hong Kong) is an artist exploring human emotions and connections, seeking to create a human presence through her art. Inspired by daily encounters, she emphasizes traditional oil painting techniques to create her abstract figurative works, paying homage to her cultural background.

Her unique style is a fusion of cultures and captures the intersection of the visible world with our inner thoughts and perceptions. Educated in Russia and Italy, Anna’s paintings have been widely exhibited around the world, including Italy, France, the Netherlands, China, Japan, Russia, and more. She has also participated in artistic residencies in New York and France, broadening her creative horizons. Recent and upcoming exhibitions include a solo show at CICA Museum, Korea, group show “Sensitive” in Hong Kong, and her first US solo exhibition to debut in person and online at The Untitled Space.

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