Anne Barlinckhoff

Anne Barlinckhoff is an artist whose work is a study of the human body and our relationships. With her remarkable eye for detail and evoking emotions for trust, close to skin of her subjects are an exploration of the sculptural bodies turned into shapes and stories, forms and contours that transform the ordinary into a new kind of intimacy.

Sometimes even deliberately placed out of context, and thus urge the viewer to recalibrate the visual and cultural assumptions we live by. The power she feels within her body and soul is infinite and that power is strengthened when shared with others. Her work has been exhibited in the USA, South Africa, Australia and across Europe including at The Untitled Space in NYC; SPRING/BREAK Art Show NY; SCOPE Miami; Landskrona Foto Festival, Sweden; The Ladies Network, Tiny Tailor Gallery, Sydney, Australia, and Photo Vogue Festival, Milan, Italy. She has additionally been published in i-D Magazine, Vice, Dazed, Nataal, Playboy, Vogue Italia, Magnum Photos, and Dazed. She graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Design in 2016, and currently lives and works between different cities in Europe and Africa.

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