Faustine Badrichani

Artist Faustine Badrichani is inspired by explorations of female identity. Her paintings, created primarily with acrylic on paper and panel, highlight themes of intimacy and universality through figurative abstractions emphasizing a muted color palette and linear usage of negative space. Working from live models, she accentuates the essence of womanhood with her paintings that depict silhouettes through the lens of the female gaze.

A French artist from Provence, she has been based in New York City for over ten years. After exploring a number of mediums including oil painting and sculpture she developed her signature style in acrylics which concentrates on the abstracted female figure and representations of femininity. Badrichani’s inclusive figures present the multifaceted nature of every woman. 

A self-taught artist, Faustine Badrichani has exhibited her work internationally and is featured in numerous private collections. Notable exhibitions include her solo shows “D’abord la Mer” (2021) and “Silhouettes” (2020) in Paris, France at Esther et Paul gallery, group exhibitions “True Stories” (2022) and “Art4Equality x Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness” (2021) presented by The Untitled Space, as well as group shows at Insight Art Space and Brooklyn Collective. Badrichani is presenting her debut New York solo exhibition “Multifaceted” with The Untitled Space gallery in Tribeca, NY June, 2022.

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Faustine Badrichani in her studio in Soho, New York.