Giulia Grillo aka Petite Doll

Since beginning her career under the “Petite Doll” moniker, Grillo’s art has been exhibited internationally and was previously featured in The Untitled Space’s “INNOVATE” and “REBEL” exhibitions. She completed a degree in Graphic Design in Italy before moving to London to pursue a Master of Arts in Photography from the University of the Arts London. 

Since her relocation to the UK, she has been featured in exhibitions including The Brick Lane Gallery’s “Photography Now” (2017), Boomer Gallery’s “Icon” (2022) with Image Nation Milan, 2022, and The Other Art Fair, London, 2022. Grillo credits her first years in London as essential to the development of Petite Doll’s artistic style. The Girl With Lobster Hands, the human-crustacean hybrid first created in 2019 and Grillo’s “most representative character,” continues to be a signature representation of the artist’s beautifully bizarre surrealism and satire. Recently, she has expanded beyond still photography and into video art and NFTs, adding new dimensions to her uniquely realized world. Her debut solo show at The Untitled Space marks her first exhibition as a represented artist of the gallery.

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