The Untitled Space is pleased to present THE LOST WARHOLS. Over the past decade, artist Karen Bystedt invited contemporary artists to interpret her 1982 portraits of Andy Warhol in their own artistic language, resulting in an epic collection prized by museums and private collectors.

Artists featured in THE LOST WARHOLS collection include: Ashish aka ILOVEHASH, Benjamin Goetz, Bisco Smith, Boris Bernard, Brayden Bugazzi, Chris Brown, Chris Saunders, Christopher Florentino aka Flore, David Cavazos aka Big Sleeps, Dom Pattinson, Drew Merritt, Fiumani aka Filippo Fiumani, Gregory Siff, Indira Cesarine, Jason Thomas, Karen Bystedt, Lee Washington, Manneraak, MAXIM, Mike Cohen, Moncho 1929, Peter Tunney, Producer BDB, Ralph Ziman aka Afrika_47, Raul 33, Ron Bass, Serena Maisto, and Trew Love.

“The Lost Warhols” presented by The Untitled Space

Having turned from photographer to visionary pioneer in the mixed media form, artist Karen Bystedt conceptualized a new future for her Warhol portraits taken of Andy in 1982, one that echoed her subject’s inventive spirit, and mirrored his approach to both inspiration and practical creation. Bystedt invited contemporary street and fine artists to interpret her images in their own artistic language, co-creating mixed media artwork, thus conceptualizing a series of collaborations that would represent community and pay homage to the mixed media form so inextricably associated with the legacy of Warhol.

“The Lost Warhols” presented by The Untitled Space

Over the last ten years, this canon has developed and expanded; the work is definitively diverse, representing an eclectic array of artistic identities, thus promoting inclusion whilst positioning the artwork in the realm of the accessible with which Warhol himself toyed.
 The Lost Warhols live as a testament to the intrinsic value of eclecticism in visual perspective, honoring individuality in interpretation, and allowing the self to shine in position as part of a greater whole.

Works from The Lost Warhol collection are featured in The Andy Warhol Museum, MoMA Olso, Hearst Tower, and many other museums and private collections around the world. They have been auctioned in benefits for AMFAR, Gods Love We Deliver, and recently featured at Red Dot Art Fair for Art Basel Miami 2022.

The Lost Warhols collection has been featured in countless magazines and newspapers, including Vogue, The Times, W Magazine, Architectural Digest, Interview Magazine. NY Post, WWD, LA Weekly and The Huffington Post, among many other international publications.

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